Get hired in Finland

Get Hired in Finland

Get hired in Finland and start a new life full of opportunities! Xpress Employ is a manpower agency specialized in hiring Filipino workers from the Philippines, Europe and Middle East. Finland offer great opportunities of getting hired and to build your new career and life. 

Why work in Finland?

  • No Finnish language skills required
  • Good starting salary: 1700 – 2000 € (depending on experience and field of work)
  • Great career opportunities
  • Take your family to Finland after settling. We will help you
  • Free and top-quality education for children and adults all the way to university level. Schools includes free daily meal.
  • Free medical insurance, top healthcare services and free dental care for children.
  • Free meal at school for children up to high school.
  • Top education and student allowance gives great opportunities to
  • Safe and clean environments

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